Topical School of Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

May 20th - 31st, 2024

The school will be organized at the beautiful campus of Institute of Physics (at Bhubaneswar) filled with green trees and singing birds all joining us in the joy of learning through their unique way.

Modern condensed matter physics is a multifaceted one which often needs physical concepts, mathematical expertise in different areas. In this school we try to give an overview of few topics of interest in present condensed matter research and basics of many-body physics. The topics that will be covered include 1) Hubbard model and its application, 2) Linear response theory and Green's function method, 3) Thermalization of quantum many body system, 4) Introduction to Dirac-Majorana-Weyl fermions in condensed matter system, 5) Physics of disordered system, 6) Theory of topological insulators, 7) foundations of density functional theory and 8) quantum reservoir computing.

In the summer school the selected students will be having lessons from dynamic experts in the above fields comprising S. R. Hassan(IMSc, Chennai), Subhro Bhattacharjee (ICTS, Bengaluru), Navinder Singh (PRL, Ahmedabad), Sumilan Banerjee(IISc, Bengaluru), Arnab Sen (IACS, Kolkata), Adhip Agarwala(IITK, Kanpur), Priya Mahadevan(SNBNCBS, Kolkata) and Sanjib Ghosh(BAQIS).