Under this programme, students who are studying in IXth class or Xth class are taken  from each school in Bhubaneswar. Each school recomends the names of two students and sends to our institution. The number ofstudents is limited and depends on the number of volunteers. There is no selection procedure as such.

The purpose of the programme is to motivate children towards sciences. The kids undergo a two week programme
over here. This programme started in 1999 for the first time and was successfull. It was held this year and we had
a good response.

The present structure of the programme is as follows:

1. Morning lectures everyday by IOP faculty and some eminent people from outside as well.
2. Lab visits in the afternoons
3. Telescope show depending on the whether.
4. Project work and presentation of the same on the final day.

Each student is assigned to a scholar under whom the student undergoes a small project. Every participant
is given a Certificate of Merit on the final day. The working hours for the participants are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
everyday. The Institute bears for the lunch of the participants, in the hostel mess, on all working days.

Have a look at the schedule of this years activities.