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Ajit Mohan Srivastava


Ajit Mohan Srivastava
पिछले संगठन (चयनित) :
  • Sept. 92 - Sept. 94:   Research Associate Institute for theoreticl Physics University of California,Santa Barbara, California, USA

  • Sept. 89 - Aug. 92:   Research Associate Theoretical Physics Institute University of MinnesotaMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA

  • Aug. 89:   Ph.D. in Theoretical High Energy Physics Syracuse University Syracuse, (NY) USA

  • May 1983:   M.Sc. in Physics Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, (UP) India

  • June 1981:   B.Sc.Allahabad UniversityAllahabad, (UP) India
कार्यग्रहण की तिथि :10/10/1994
वर्किंग ग्रुप: : High Energy Theory
रुचि के क्षेत्र :
    Quark-Gluon plasma, Astro-particle Physics, Topological defects (liquidcrystal experiments)
चयनित प्रकाशन :
  • "Measuring Cosmic Defect Correlations in Liquid Crystals", R. Ray and A.M. Srivastava, Phys. Rev. {\bf D69}, 103525 (2004).
  • "Strings with a confining core in a Quark-Gluon Plasma " B. Layek, A. P. Mishra, and A. M. Srivastava, Phys. Rev. D 71, 074015 (2005).
  • "Super-horizon fluctuations and acoustic oscillations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions", A. P. Mishra, R. K. Mohapatra, P. S. Saumia, and A. M. Srivastava, Phys. Rev. {\bf C 77}, 064902 (2008).
  • "Simulation of Z(3) walls and string production via bubble nucleation in a quark-hadron transition", U. S. Gupta, R. K. Mohapatra, A. M. Srivastava, and V. K. Tiwari, Phys. Rev. {\bf D 82}, 074020 (2010).
  • "Enhancement of flow anisotropies due to magnetic field in relativistic heavy-ion collisions", R. K. Mohapatra, P. S. Saumia, and A. M. Srivastava,(preprint 2010)
संपर्क :
कार्यालय : R.N. 105 ,Extension Building 1
ईमेल :
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