Topics of Interest

  1. Fundamentals of ion-solid interactions
    • Modification and Damage of Materials
    • In-situ study of ion beam induced effects with TEM, XRD and Raman
  2. Applications of Ion Beam Analysis (IBA)
    • Nuclear Technology Materials
    • Surfaces and Interfaces of thin films
    • Environmental Science
    • Art and Archaeometry
    • Geophysics: Earth and Planetary Sciences
    • Biology and Medicine
    • Trace Element Analysis
    • Radiation Biology
  3. Electron Microscopy and Radiation damage study
  4. Particle Induced X-ray Emission: Micro/Macro Beam PIXE and applications
  5. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
  6. Computer Simulations and Analysis
  7. Complementary use of IBA and other techniques of analysis
  8. New Developments in Microbeam, AMS and Ion Scattering methods