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IOP Crisis Management Committee and Medical Committee Recommendations


Visitors, Conferences, Meetings

  1. Any scheduled conference, internal meetings, seminars, that are supposed to be held at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, will be postponed till further notification. If a meeting is urgently needed, attempts should be made to hold discussions by circulations over e-mail.
  2. The scheduled visits of the academic visitors will be postponed until further notice. In case of a very urgent visit, that cannot be postponed, special approval should be taken from IOP director.
  3. All bookings in the guest house are hereby cancelled till 31st March 2020. New requests for accommodation booking inside IOP campus (Guest House, Hostel, Efficiency Apartments) will not be processed until further notice.
  4. Existing visitors staying in the guest house/ hostel/ efficiency quarters are advised to vacate by 20th March, 2020. In case of any difficulty, their host should consult Director’s office.
  5. All IOP members will inform Administrative Officer, in case they or any of their visitor (including relatives, friends, colleagues, family members, and others), travelled abroad in the past two months. No social function/get together will be allowed inside the premises of IOP until further notice.

Cleanliness Measures, and General Awareness to Prevent COVID-19

  1. To prevent COVID-19 from spreading, the following cleanliness measures will be strictly followed
    • Liquid soap and hand-sanitizer will be kept at various places inside the institute.
    • All workers coming inside IOP will have to wash their hands with soap and water at the main gate under the supervision of a security personal at the main gate.
    • Hand-sanitizers will be kept beside the attendance register.
    • All members of IOP, including students, faculty, administrative personals, and others are advised to  wash their  hands after returning from outside and then entering  into the academic building.
    • The members of a team will ensure that condition of cleanliness is checked daily in the morning and in the evening. They will also monitor the cleaning supply.
  2. Office doors and door knobs, library doors, canteen table, student office, faculty office, Director’s conference room and office, and all other administrative offices should be cleaned everyday. Door knobs and handles should be cleaned using hand sanitizer (if available) or preferably directly using Propanol. The cleaning will be certified by a member of that corresponding office.
  3. Informative posters (in Hindi, Odiya, and English) with details of precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 will be placed on the Institute notice-boards, students hostels and canteen, guest house, as well as at residential places.

Hostel Canteen, Predoc Lectures

  1. Precautionary measures for social distancing will be taken at the canteen. At a given time, and at a given table inside the canteen, only two IOP members/visitors will be allowed to have food.
  2. Pre-docs lectures will be cancelled until 31st March. The present academic session will be appropriately extended due to this. Pre-doctoral students are advised to go to their homes for this period. They should check the IOP website for updated information.
  3. Ph.D. students, project assistants and fellows, postdoctoral fellows, visiting fellows, and all other academic visitors are advised to go home as soon as possible for this period. They can continue to work from their home. They should also check the IOP website for updated informations.

Other Measures

  1. All workers coming inside IOP will be scanned by digital Infrared thermometer.
  2. Sales promotion vendors will be returned from the main gate itself by the security personnel until further notice.
  3. Any official tour of the IOP Members should be postponed until further notice. For any urgent academic visit, that cannot be avoided, re-approval should be taken from the Director.
  4. Personal travels (upcoming and ongoing) of IOP Members (outstation travel) should be informed to director office and registrar office.
  5. Based on the special request made by IOP Ph.D, student Mr. Ankit Sharma (who is presently visiting his home), he is allowed to work from home till 31st March, 2020.
  6. In case of any symptom of COVID-19, IOP members can avail the medical treatment in Capital Hospital, AIIMS, and SCB medical College, Cuttack. No referral from NISER doctor is required in this regard.
  7. Use of open Gym inside IOP premise as well as the IOP hostel Gym is  prohibited until 31st March.
  8. In case of emergency, following people may be immediately contacted.

It is noted that in view of rapidly evolving situation, any of the above recommendations may get superseded by a latter decision.

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