Physics of life:
Active and living matter (PoL24)


Abhishek Chaudhuri (IISER Mohali),
Debasish Chaudhuri (IOP Bhubaneswar)


08 - 10 February 2024

The workshop on “Physics of life: Active and living matter (PoL24)” is a part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. The conference is co-organized by the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali (IISER Mohali).

Research in active systems, both natural and artificial, is developing quickly. In order to comprehend and address biological issues, fundamental physics principles have been used, and artificial active systems have opened up new possibilities for emergent phenomena. New experimental findings question the early theories, and novel theoretical ideas illuminate various collective processes. We want to provide an environment where theorists and experimentalists can interact and share their viewpoints on active systems. In this fascinating topic, we'll concentrate on exchanging ideas involving novel experiments, models, and emergent states. With this workshop, we hope to bring together a diverse and active group of scientists to exchange ideas.

Topics include:
  • Natural and artificial active systems across all scales
  • Biophysics of cells to tissues
  • Collective properties: alignment, phase separation, and beyond
  • Non-reciprocal interaction, vision cone, stigmergy, quorum sensing
  • Active colloids, polymers, and membranes
  • Physics of self-propelled components
  • Active visco-elastic systems

Workshop Structure

Wednesday, 07th February, evening -inauguration, followed by registration and welcome dinner

Thursday, 08th February, morning -scientific sessions start

Saturday, 10th February, evening -workshop ends