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Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar

An Autonomous Research Institute of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India

  Member of Institute of Physics

Satyaprakash Sahoo


Satyaprakash Sahoo
Selected previous associations :
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Puerto Rico, PR, USA
  • Ph.D. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
Date of joining :18/09/2015
Working group: : Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Areas of interest :
    Optical, vibrational and transport properties of NovelSemiconductor Nanomaterials, Atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) layeredmaterials such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides, Ramanspectroscopy, Thin film growth by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) andpulsed laser deposition (PLD) methods.
Selected publications :
  • Electron-Phonon Interaction and Double Resonance Raman Studies inMonolayer WS2, A. Gaur, Satyaprakash Sahoo, J. F. Scott, R. Katiyar, J.Physical Chemistry C, 119, 5146, (2015).
  • Structural Phase Transition of Ternary High-k Dielectric SmGdO3:Evidence from ADXRD and Raman Spectroscopic Studies, Y. Sharma,Satyaprakash Sahoo, A. K. Mishra, P. Misra, S. P. Pavunny, A. Dwivedi, S.M. Sharma, R. S. Katiyar, J. Applied Physics 117, 094101 (2015).
  • Thermal Conductivity of Freestanding Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Sheetby Raman Spectroscopy, Satyaprakash Sahoo, V. R. Chitturi, R. Agarwal,J.-W. Jiang, and R. S. Katiyar, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 19958(2014).
  • Surface Energy Engineering for Tunable Wettability through ControlledSynthesis of MoS2,A. P.S. Gaur, Satyaprakash Sahoo, M. Ahmadi, S. P. Dash,M. J-F Guinel and R. S. Katiyar, Nano Lett. 14, 4314 (2014).
  • Temperature dependent Raman studies and thermal conductivity of fewlayer MoS2, Satyaprakash Sahoo, A. P. S. Gaur, M. Ahmadi, M. Guinel, R. S.Katiyar, J. Phy. Chem. C, 117 (17), 9042 (2013).
  • Self-assembled highly uniform ZnO submicrometer rods on metal gridgrown by vapor-liquid-solid method, Satyaprakash Sahoo, J. F. Scott, A. K.Arora, and Ram S. Katiyar, Cryst. Growth Des. 11 (8), 3642 (2011).
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Telephones : +91-674-230-6430 (Office)
+91-674-230-6630 (Residence)
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