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Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar

An Autonomous Research Institute of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India


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Sl.NameAffiliationStay FromStay ToResearch Area


1Prof. A. K. JainProfessor, Dept of Physics, IIT, Roorkee01/01/201610/01/2016Nuclear Physics Theory
2Dr. Surajit Kumar HazraAsst. Professor, JUIT, Warnaghal, H.P02/01/201606/01/2016Expermental cmp
3Dr. Trilochan BagartiPDF, HRI, Allahabad02/01/201613/01/2016Condensed Matter Physics
4Prof. Arun PatiHRI, Allahabad05/01/201612/01/2016Quantum Information
5Prof. X. VinasProfessor, Dept. of Physics, University of Barcelona, Spain08/01/201614/01/2016Nuclear Physics Theory
6Dr. Amit GuptaSRF, Banaras Hindu University, India09/01/201613/01/2016Condensed Matter Physics
7Dr. J. B. M. KrishnaScientific Officer, UGC-DAE-CSR, Kolkata Center11/01/201615/01/2016Experiments with Ion Beams
8Dr. M. SudarshanScientific Officer, UGC-DAE-CSR, Kolkata Center12/01/201612/01/2016Experiments with Ion Beams
9Dr. Jaishri SanwalResearch Scientist, JNCASR, Bangalore13/01/201616/01/2016Paleoclimatology, Trace Elemental Analysis of Climatology Samples
10Prof. Sandip PakvasaSr. Professor, University of Hawali, USA14/01/201617/01/2016High Energy Particle Physics
11Prof. Arun K. GroverVC, Punjab University15/01/201616/01/2016Condensed Matter Physics
12Dr. Pankaj SharmaPDF, University of Adelaide, Australia16/01/201620/01/2016High Energy Physics (Phenomenology)
13Dr. Moitri MaitiPDF, JINR, Dubna Rusia22/01/201623/01/2016Condensed Matter Physics
14Dr. Sudipta KanungoPDF, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics, Dresden, Germany01/02/201603/02/2016Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
15Dr. Kush SahaPDF, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, USA09/02/201611/02/2016Condensed Matter Physics
16Mr. Subhajit SarkarSRF, S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences08/03/201611/03/2016Quantum Magnetism, Topological Excitations


1Sreenam P.GIISER, Trivandrum05/09/201530/11/2015Theoretical Condensed matter physics
2Mr. Mainak ChakrabortyResearch Scholar, SINP, Kolkata21/09/201523/09/2015Neutrin Physics
3Prof. S. D. MahantiDept. of Physics and Astronomy, Machigan University, USA23/09/201520/02/2016As Adjunct Honorary Professor
4Mr. K.K.MahantaReader, Rairangpur College, Mayurbhanj05/10/201520/10/2015Nuclear Astrophysics
5Prof. N.BeheraIISc, Bangalore05/10/201506/10/2015 Condensed matter physics/Biophysics
6Mr. Srikumar SenguptaVisitor, Kolkata11/10/201515/10/2015HEP Theory
7Dr. J.B. KrikshnaScientist, UGC-DAE-CSR Kolkata Centre, Kolkata11/10/201515/10/2015Material Science
8Mr. Lalatendu PradhanNISER, Bhubaneswar23/10/201523/11/2015HEP/ Cosmology
9Dr.Somnath BandopadhyayTeacher, AMITY, Lucknow07/11/201518/11/2015HEP
10Dr. Soumya BeraPDF, Max-Planck Institute for Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany12/11/201514/11/2015Theoretical Condensed matter physics
11Dr. J.B. KrikshnaScientist, UGC-DAE-CSR Kolkata Centre, Kolkata15/11/201526/11/2015Material Science
12Mr. Abhinav SaketVisiting Faculty, Samastipor, Bihar16/11/201519/11/2015CMP Theory
13Mr. Sudhanshu ShekharDirector, R&D, Stesalit Limited, Chandigarh25/11/201526/11/2015Instrumentation : Data Acquisition and Control Systems
14Mr. Srikumar SenguptaKolkata28/11/201530/11/2015HEP
15Prof. Mukunda Prasad DasDept. of Theoretical Physics, Australian National University, Canverra, Australia29/11/201516/12/2015Honorari Professor
16Prof. Subrta TripathyEx- Professor, TIFR, Mumbai30/11/201529/11/2016Setting up the Complex Systems Laboratory
17Dr. Urbashi SatpathiS.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata09/12/201511/12/2015Theoretical CMP
18Prof. Ashok DasDistinguished Professor, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA12/12/201519/12/2015As Adjunct Honorary Professor
19Dr. Molla Mehedi HassanPDF, IIT, Indore13/12/201517/12/2015Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
20Dr. Abhisek AtreyaPDF, PRL, Ahmadabad13/12/201517/12/2015Theoretical High Energy Physics
21Mr. Moitri MaitiPDF, JINR, Dubna, Russia15/12/201518/12/2015Strongly Correlalted System/ Condensed Matter
22Dr. J. B. M. KrishnaScientific Officer, UGC-DAE-CSR, Kolkata Center16/12/201524/12/2015Material Science
23Sanjib GhoshPh.D. Scholar, National University of Singapore17/12/201521/12/2015Theoretical Condensed matter physics (disordered physics)
24Dr. Ananta P. MishraPDF, TIFR, Mumbai17/12/201520/12/2015Theoretical High Energy Physics
25Dr. Sadhana DasScientific Officer, UGC-DAE-CSR, Indore Center21/12/201527/12/2015Instrumentation : Data Acquisition and Control System
26Prof. J.C. PatiSenior Professor, Stanford University, USA22/12/201531/01/2016HEP
27Somnath BandyopadhyayTeacher, Amity Lucknow23/12/201505/01/2016Theoretical High Energy Physics
28Dr. S. K. GargRA, IUAC, New Delhi24/12/201531/12/2015Ion Beam modification of Materials
29Prof. J. C. PatiStandford University, USA24/12/201526/01/2016As Adjunct Honorary Professor
30Dr. Sreeraj T.P.SRF, S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences27/12/201530/12/2015Theoretical High Energy Physics
31Ms. Sai SilpaDept. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University, Vizag28/12/201516/01/2016M.Sc. Student for Collaboration
32Dr. T. BasuPDF, University of Orleans, France28/12/201525/01/2016ion-Beam patterning of Semiconductor Surface
33Mr. Himadri SoniPDF, Friednich Alexander University, Germany30/12/201502/01/2016PFT, CMP Theory
34Dr. J. DashPDF at RPI, Troy, USA31/12/201531/01/2016UHV - Surface Science