Institute of Physics

Condensed Matter and
Material Physics Group @ IOP


Dinesh Topwal

Dinesh Topwal (Reader F)

Sudipta Mahana

Sudipta Mahana (Graduate student)

M.Sc.: Department of physics of Utkal University (2012)
Research Area: Magnetocaloric effect, glass transitions and multiferroic effects in strongly correlated systems.,

Pronoy Nandi

Pronoy Nandi (Graduate student)

M.Sc.: Department of physics of Burdwan University (2012)
Research Area: Structural and spectroscopic investigations of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskite solar cell material.,

Dr. Chandan Giri

Dr. Chandan Giri (Post-doctoral scholar)

Ph.D: jyväskylä University, Finland. (2013)
Research Area: Metallo-organic supramolecular chemistry, hybrid perovskite material, nanoparticle synthesis of thermoelectric materials by chemical route.,

Dr. Ravi Kumar Bommali

Dr. Ravi Kumar Bommali (Post-doctoral scholar, jointly with Prof. B.R. Sekhar)

Ph.D: IIT Delhi, India. (2014)
Research Area: Opto-electrical and plasmonic properties of doped SiN:H, thin films, Thermoelectric materials,

Dr. Bipul Rakshit

Dr. Bipul Rakshit (Visiting Scientist)

Ph.D: Barkatullah University (2008)
Research Area: Density functional Theory analysis of layered and strongly correlated systems.