Institute of Physics

Condensed Matter and
Material Physics Group @ IOP


Bright and motivated students with outstanding academic records can apply for following positions

  • Ph. D. positions available for academic year 2021-22 (minimum qualification M. Sc.)
    1. Dimensional engineering of Dirac materials and topological insulators (Understanding quantum materials using electronic and magnetic structure investigations).
    2. Designing high-performance thermoelectric materials (Fundamentals to applications)
    3. 2D magnetic materials and heterostructure (Spintronic and magnetic material research: Manipulating the magnetic state of atomically thin nanoscale ferromagnetic structures/surfaces and exploring spin structure of non-magnetic surfaces)
    4. Physics of Next-Generation Photovoltaics: Nanotechnology Pathways

    Interested candidates should contact me at, with CV/marks card and their research interests.

  • Post doctoral fellows (minimum qualification Ph. D.)