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Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar

An Autonomous Research Institute of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India

  Member of Institute of Physics

Shikha Varma


Shikha Varma
Selected previous associations :
  • Sept. 93 - Sept. 94:   Visiting Scientist Chemical and Nuclear Engineering University of California- Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, (CA) USA

  • Sept. 91 - Aug. 93:   Associate Lecturer & Research Associate Surface Science, Physics Department University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Milwaukee, (WI) USA

  • Feb.  90 - Aug. 91: Research Associate Surface Science, Physics Department Case Western ReserveUniversity Cleveland, (OH) USA

  • Jan.  1990:  PhD in Surface Science, Condensed matter Physics Syracuse University Syracuse, (NY) USA

  • 1984:  M.Sc. in Physics Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, (UP) India
Date of joining :10/10/1994
Working group: :
Areas of interest :
    Surface Science, Thin film growth and Growth Modes at Early Stages, Electronic Structure/Band Structure of thin films, Nanostructures and Nanoclusters, Surface Modifications with Ion Implantation, Ion Beam Assisted Structural Modifications
Selected publications :
  • V Bressler-Hill, S Varma, A Lorke, BZ Nosho, PM Petroff, WH Weinberg, Island scaling in strained heteroepitaxy: InAs/GaAs (001) , Physical Review Letters 74 (16), (1995) 3209
  • S Dey, C Roy, A Pradhan, S Varma, Raman scattering characterization of Si (100) implanted with mega-electron-volt Sb, Journal of Applied Physics 87 (3), (2000) 1110-1117
  • D Paramanik, SN Sahu, S Varma, Morphological evolution of InP nano-dots and surface modifications after keV irradiation, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41 (12), (2008) 125308
  • S Majumder, M Priyadarshini, U Subudhi, GBN Chainy, S Varma, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic investigations of modifications in plasmid DNA after interaction with Hg nanoparticles, Applied Surface Science 256 (2), (2009) 438-442
  • S Majumder, D Paramanik, V Solanki, BP Bag, S Varma, Bandgap tailoring of rutile (TiO2) via surface patterning with electron cyclotron resonance sputtering, Applied Physics Letters 98 (5), (2011) 053105
  • P Dash, A Manna, NC Mishra, S Varma (2019), Synthesis and characterization of aligned ZnO nanorods for visible light photocatalysis Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 107, (2019) 38-46
  • AK Manna, P Guha, VJ Solanki, SK Srivastava, S Varma ( 2020), Non-enzymatic glucose sensing with hybrid nanostructured Cu2O-ZnO prepared by single-step coelectrodeposition technique, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 24 (7), (2020) 1647-1658
  • V Solanki, S Majumder, I Mishra, P Dash, C Singh, D Kanjilal, S Varma (2014)Enhanced anomalous photo-absorption from TiO2 nanostructures, Journal of Applied Physics 115 (12), (2014) 124306
  • Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of self organized nanostructures on Ta Surface Fabricated by Low Energy Ion Sputtering, (2015) Shalik R. Joshi, Trilochan Bagarti, and Shikha Varma, Surface Science 641, (2015) 170.
  • Tuning Photo-response and Electronic Behavior of Graphene Quantum Dots Synthesized via Ion Irradiation, (2021) Ashis K. Manna, Simeon J. Gilbert, Shalik R. Joshi, Takashi Komesu, Peter A. Dowben, Shikha Varma, Physica-B: Physics of Condensed Matter 613 (2021) 412978
Contacts :
Office : R.N. 104 ,Extension Building 1
E-mail :
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