Configure Alpine for IOPB Mail

IOPB email system can be accessed through alpine email client. You can mail to ask for configuring your system or alternatively you can follow the brief guide to set up IOPB mail on alpine on linux.

Installing Alpine

Alpine should already be installed on official systems if not, please contact IT Support. For personal systems, please use the following method.


$ sudo apt install alpine


$ sudo yum install alpine

Configuring Alpine

To configure alpine, open alpine for the first time so that it generates the default configuration file.

$ alpine

Exit the greeting by pressing “E”. Then exit alpine by pressing “Q” and confirming with “Y”. Now edit the default configuration file and make the following changes. Replace “Full Name” with your full name and “username” with IOPB Username.

> personal-name=Full Name



> default-fcc={}Sent

> default-saved-msg-folder={}Drafts

> trash-folder={}Deleted Items

> customized-hdrs=From: "Full Name" <>,
> 	Reply-To: "Full Name" <>

> folder-collections=mail/[],
> 	"IOPB Mail" {}[]

Reporting Issues

You can write to in if you ace any issues in configuration.

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