Rules & Regulations


  1. Institute of Physics Library is primarily an Academic and Research Library, meant for faculty members and research scholars.
  2. Any staff member or a long term (a year or more) visitor is eligible to become a member of the Library.
  3. Non-academic staff members of the Institute can borrow only light reading materials (General Magazines & Books).
  4. Research workers in physics and related subjects, but not associated with this Institute may consult Books and Journals only inside the Library premises after obtaining special permission from the Director/ Chairman of Library Committee / Librarian.
  1. The Library will remain open round the clock on all the days.
  2. Official Working hours are: 9.30 AM – 6.00 PM (Monday – Friday). Rest of the time the entry to the Library is regulated by Access Control Card.
  3. The timings for:
    1. Issue and return of books/journals: From 10 AM to 1 PM and 2.30 PM to 5 PM (only on working days).
    2. Overnight issue of books/journals: From 4.30 PM - 5.30 PM (only on working days).
  1. Any outside visitor is permitted to use the library facilities after acquiring permission, either by the Director or Chairman, Library Committee or Librarian.
  2. Before entering the library a visitor shall be required to write his/her name and address in the “Visitors Register” provided at the security counter. Such a signature shall be taken as acknowledgement that the person agrees to conform to the rules of the Library.
  1. All personal belongings except purses and notebooks shall be left at the property counter.
  2. When the depositor leaves the Library he / she must take out his / her all articles deposited at the property counter.
  1. An eligible person is to be enrolled as a member of the Library by signing a membership registration form.
  2. The following shall be imposed on issue of books to an individual for use:
    Faculty Members:15 nos.
    Post-doctoral Fellows:15 nos.
    Doctoral Scholars:15 nos.
    Pre-doctoral Students: 10 nos.
    All Officers of the Institute: 5 nos.
    Scientific & Technical Staff: 5 nos.
    Other Staff members: 2 nos.
    The time limit for returning books is three months for all members.
  3. Bound Journals may be issued for a maximum period of 7 days.
  4. Current Journals will not be issued.
  5. Each member shall be provided reader’s Pass Book for borrowing books.
  6. Each member shall have to produce reader’s pass book at Circulation Counter if he/she desires to loan out the books.
  7. To Issue / Return, Members are required to be present in person.
  8. The membership of scholars (pre-doctoral, doctoral and post-doctoral) remains valid till the termination of their fellowship.
  9. The Librarian may recall any book from a member only after one month of its issue in case such book is required by another member. If a book needs to be put in the reserve section, It should be returned immediately.
  10. Books in bad condition should not be issued out of the Library till they are bound and brought to useable conditions.
  11. Reserve Section” books shall not be issued to any member except in special cases like overnight issue. Books to be kept in the reserve section from time to time which shall be decided by the Chairman, Library Committee in consultation with the Chairman, Pre-doctoral Committee.
  12. Reference books like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Manuals, Year Books,. Maps, Atlases and Thesis should not be issued.
  13. Current issues of light magazines shall not be issued till the Library receives the next issues. Two light magazines, which are not current, can be borrowed at a time for a period of 7 days.
  14. Rules for circulation of Micro Documents (CD) of the Library will be
    a) The CD will be issued for a period of 7 days.
    b) The CD's should not be handed over to outside users.
  1. Any overdue book should be either returned or renewed. Otherwise the privilege of issuing books may be suspended.
  2. In the normal course of the Library procedures, two reminders will be issued to the loanee for overdue of books in alternative months. It is, however, not obligatory on the part of the Library. If the borrower will not respond to the notices, then no reading material may be issued to him / her till the return of the material.
  3. The Library may recall a renewed book any time, if required by some other member.
  4. After one year from the date of issue of the books/journals, recovery notice will be served and the replacement cost will be deducted from salary. In case, it cannot be replaced then the following norms will apply:
    i.For Indian Publishers: - Purchase cost + 5% surcharge per year from the date of purchase.
    ii.For Foreign Publishers: - Purchase cost at the current exchange rate (at the time of recovery)
  5. In case the lost book is out-of-print and widely used, the library committee may recommend extra penalty.
  1. The renewal of issues of Books / Bound volumes can be done if these are not in demand. It can be ascertained from the circulation counter.
  2. Renewal will be allowed only after the borrowed material is produced physically at the counter.
  3. A book may be renewed at most two times. After that the book should be returned at least for a period of fifteen days.
  1. The access to the Library beyond office hours (5.30 PM to 9.00 AM – next morning) and on holidays is regulated through Access Control Card.
  2. The Institute members will be issued Access Control Cards initially for a period of 5 years.
  3. For guest visitors, Access Control Card will be issued to the proposer for use of the Library. The proposer will return the Card to the Library and will be held responsible for any loss or misuse.
  4. For visitors from the nearby institutes/ colleges/universities who are permitted by the Institute authority shall use the access control card kept with the security guard at the Library gate after due entry in the register.
  1. Loss of the reader’s pass book should immediately be reported to the Librarian. A duplicate thereof, shall be issued.
  2. The member (borrower) shall remain responsible for misuse of lost reader’s pass book.
  3. In case loss of access control card, a new card can be replaced only after payment of Rs.150/-.
  1. If any publication is lost or disfigured or if any page or any picture is removed or the publication is otherwise mutilated by the reader, he/she must replace it or pay the cost as described in F. 5.
  2. If one volume of a set is damaged or lost the whole set has to be replaced, provided a single volume cannot be purchased.
  1. Borrowers are expected to return all borrowed materials before going on vacation/leave/outstation duty, if such absence from head quarter is for more than a month.
  2. A member should obtain “No dues certificate” from the Institute Library after surrendering all reading materials with him/her and the reader’s pass book and after paying outstanding dues, if any, on expiry of Membership or terminating his/her association with the Institute.
  3. All Pre-doctoral scholars are required to clear the Library dues before the announcement of their result.
  4. In case of death of a borrower, the cost of the book may be recovered from the gratuity / other dues if payable by the Institute or it may be written off.
  1. Books and other reading material not available in the Institute Library may be procured for the use of the Readers on inter-Library loan basis from other libraries as far as possible.
  2. Similarly reading materials may be lent out to other Libraries when a request is received by our Library.
  3. The reading material especially books/Journal volumes procured on inter-Library loan will not ordinarily be issued to a member to carry outside the Library premises.
  1. Photo copying facilities which are primarily meant for dissemination of scientific information are to be used judiciously and economically.
  2. Request for a photo copy of publication which is available in the Institute shall be made only when it is required frequently for reference purpose in connection with the research/development work. However, in view of the “Copyright Act” only a single copy of the document from journals etc. can be supplied.
  3. Photo-copying will be done on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Photo-copies of documents deposited for copying shall be provided in 6 hours. Normally the request should not exceed 20 copies/impressions per individual.
  5. Short-term visitors/ Summer visitors shall be allowed to avail photo-copies of research materials at fixed number of pages upto maximum of 100 pages during their visit to our Institute.
  6. The specific purpose for which copies are required should invariably be mentioned, for example: Report Presentation. All request for photocopying work should be submitted in prescribed format kept at the photocopying room. The document copies can be collected from the operator after 4 PM.
  7. In case of Pre-doctoral scholars, the concerned faculty member should recommend the photocopying work of papers etc.
  8. Personal document of Faculties, scholars and staff may be done on payment of 50 paisa per impression if the number is not large.
  9. Each doctoral scholar can photocopy his/her thesis upto the limit of 5 copies without payment on the condition that he/she should submit one copy of his/her thesis to the Library.
  1. All readers are required to maintain perfect silence and discipline in the Library.
  2. Proper decorum should be maintained inside the library. Smoking, spitting and sleeping inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  3. No person shall either write upon, for the purpose of correction or any error, or make any marking what so ever or underline words or sentences of the books and journals.
  4. Librarian shall have the general control of the Library and the services and shall maintain order in all its departments.
  5. Any infringement of Library rules may lead to the withdrawal of membership privileges.
  6. No table shall be occupied for more than a day. A cubicle should not be occupied for more than a week.
  7. These Library rules may be altered or amended and new rules may be added to the existing ones by the Director on consultation/recommendation of the library committee from time to time depending on the exigencies.