IOP, Bhubaneswar             TITLES BY ACCESSION NO.          
Accn No.      T i t l e / A u t h o r                            
TH1      Bounds on partical properties from Astrophysics and
         Cosmology. / Nayak, Surya Narayan.

TH2      Beam-foil spectroscopic studies in Ar II-IV, Na I-IV
         and C II-III . / Nandi, Tapan Kumar.

TH3      Study of the properties of dense nuclear matter and
         applica-tion to some Astrophysical system . / Sahu,
         Pradip Kumar.

TH4      Superconformal symmetry and string theory / Ali,

TH5      Feynman Diagram approach to Atomic and molecular
         collisions. / Mishra, Babaji Charan.

TH6      Low Dimensionality aspects of Superconductivity in
         Correlated Electron Systems / Gaitonde, D.M.

TH7      Electron Momentum Distribution Studies in Compound
         Semiconductors / Panda, B.K.

TH8      Study of Rotating Nuclei in a Functional Integral
         Approach / Agarwal, B.K.

TH9      X-Ray Standing wave and Ion Scattering Studies of
         Metal -Semiconductor Interfaces and Epitaxizl Layers
          / Satyam, P.V.

TH10     Classic solutions of string theory / Kar, Supriya K.

TH11     Study of Baryonic properties in chiral color
         dielectric mod-els. / Sahu, Sarira.

TH12     Relativistic mean field study of Beta stable and Beta
         unsta-ble Nuclei. / Patra, Suresh Kumer.

TH13     Deep inelastic collision of heavy ion / Nayak, Rama

TH14     Model study of some High-Tc and other superconductors
          / Ghosh, Harnath.

TH15     Some study on the physical properties of infinite many-
         fermion systems at low temperature. / Mishra, Lalit

TH16     Decomposition of the partial wave amplitude in term of
         Regge-Trajectory contributions. / Trivedi, U.

TH17     Structure of Hadrons / Maharana, Laxmidhar.

TH18     Quantum electrodynamics with Axial photons / Naik,
         Prahallad Chandra.

TH19     Application of Many-Body theory to study the
         electronic pro-perties of metals. / Pal, Ranjit Kumar.

TH20     Phonons in Mixed Crystals / Nayak, Pratibindhya.

TH21     Lattice dynamics of crystals containing anharmonic
         impuriti-es. / Samsur, Shaikh.

TH22     Interactions of Composite Hadrons / Panda, Ananta

TH23     Field theoretic model of Composite Hadrons / Biswal,

TH24     Scattering of Composite Hadrons / Parida, Bijay Kumer.

TH25     Relativistic effects on Hadronic structure / Naik,

TH26     Some Studies in Nonlinear systems / Dey, Biswajyoti.

TH27     Symmetries and Hadronics interactions / Panda,

TH28     A Study in supergravity and grand unification
          / Mohapatra, Swapna.

TH29     Heavy Ion colisions and Nuclear quasi molecular states.
          / Sarangi, Prativa.

TH30     Microscopic models of high spin states in nuclei.
          / Rath, Aswini Kumar.

TH31     A Study of some non-linear field theories in two and
         three dimensions. / Jatkar, Dileep Pravakar.

TH32     Some studies on the Renormalization group approach to
         directed random walk. / Rajasekaran, J.Jagazeel.

TH33     Conformal field theory on Riemann Surfaces / Durga
         Nandini, P.

TH34     Symmetry of the string effective action / Khastgir,

TH35     Disorder effects in Weak itinerant electron
         ferromagnets. / Ramesh, V.

TH36     Study of Nuclear surface structure and Leptodermous
         expansi-on of finite Nuclear properties. / Maheswari,

TH37     A Study of some Field theories with topological term
          / Ghosh, Pijush Kanti.

TH38     Photon Multiplicity measurment in ultra relativistic
         Heavy Ion Collisions . / Nayak, Surya Kanta.

TH39     L-Subshell Ionization studies with photons and heavy
         charged particals. / Dhal, Bipin Bihari.

TH40     Nuclear reactions near the Coulomb Barrier / Ravi
         Prasad, G.V.

TH41     Absence of Localization in the generalized random
         trimer models . / Giri, Debaprasad.

TH42     Properties of cluster and corelated superconductors :
         A model study / Salian, Umesh A.

TH43     Classical solutions and symmetries of the effective
         acton / Singh, Harvendra.

TH44     A Study of strongly correlated fermion system in the
         Slave Boson formalism . / Mitra, Manidipa.

TH45     Studies of partical-solid interaction and epitaxial
         growth by Ion scattering . / Sundarvel, B.

TH46     Applications of a relativistic quantum field theory to
         the many-body problem . / Price, Charles E.

TH47     Study of Photons Multiplicity and a Possible Search
         for Disoriented chiral Condensate in Nucleus - Nucleus
         Collisions at / Nandi, B.K.

TH48     Study of Rapidity Distribution and Azimuthal Asymmetry
         of Photons in Ultra - Relativistic Heavy ion
         Collisions at CERN - / Mishra, G.C.

TH49     Growth,characterization and thermal behaviour of
         epitaxial metallic layers on semiconductors and their
         self-assembled mi / Rout, B.

TH51     Surface to deep layer modifications in solid induced
         by mev ion implantation . / Dey, Soma.

TH52     Aspects of duality in string theory . / Biswas,
         Anindya Ku.

TH56     Characterizations of Diffusion and growth Phenomena in
         thin film / Das, A.K.

TH57     Some Nonperturebative Aspects of String Theory
          / Bhattacharya, Sandip.

TH58     Transport in Nonequilibrium Systems : Constructive           
         Role of Noise / Dan, Debasis.
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TH59     D-branes and Gauge Symmetries in String theory / Pal,
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TH60     D-Brans and Noncommutative Sring Theory / Panigrahi,
         Kamal Lochan.
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TH61     Low Temperature Behaviour of Correlated Quantum Systems
          / Sreeram, P.A.
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TH62     Phase Transitions in Quark Gluon Plasma & Systems with
         Explicit Symmetry Breaking / Digal, Sanatan.

TH63     Surface and Interface Structure and their
         Modifications in Ion - Solid Interactions / Ghose,

TH64     Some Aspects of Self - Dual Gauge theories in Two and
         Three Dimensions / Tripathy, P.Ku.

TH67     Growth of Self - Assembeled Nonstructured by Molecular
         beam Epitaxy and their Charecterization / Goswami,
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